Teach Them Young

Everything is so rushed in today's world. Do you dream of slowing down and connecting with your children more? Let me show you how by engaging with them in your everyday life.

Empowering parents and educators to find the lessons in everyday life


I'm here to show you that with a few tweaks, you already have everything you need to help your child discover their full potential.

As parents we are taught to believe that we have to buy all the latest gadgets or spend countless hours researching and creating activities.

"How do I educate my child at home?"

you might be thinking


Becoming a mom combined with my passion for education set me on a path to empower parents to find the lessons in everyday life.

For the last decade, I have worked with children from infant ages all the way to first year university level, mainly by teaching math. Then in 2020, I became a mom.

I'm Keri, the brains behind Teach Them Young. I'm a wife, educator, and mama of two.


Hello There!

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Building on options one and two, this option has it all... it is full service. I will shop for you, set up your space, and do follow up calls to ensure your experience is maximized.


The ultimate

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Feeling good about the topics we covered and want to take it to the next level? I will spend time in your home guiding you on how to set up your educational and playful spaces.


The next level

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This is the perfect place to start. At this level we will brainstorm a few ideas to get you going.


The Basics

Don't know where to start?
Let me do the hard work for you.


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