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Parents like you are the reason I do what I do. Parenting is the most important job, which is why I love helping you strive for more.

Client Love

mom of toddler

Above all else, Keri gives it to you real." 

"She is able to meet you where you’re at with small bites of information or tips, or with bigger resources that get to the meat of the issue when you have the brain space for it.

Lauren, Mom of preschooler

Parenting is tough and I am beyond thankful for the support, knowledge, and education Keri provides."

"Keri is dedicated, enthusiastic, and passionate about education and helping us parents excel at raising the next generation.


She has such a positive outlook and creative mind, which really helped to see possibilities that were already in my home."

"Keri’s parenting methods make it look possible for me to achieve a workable parenting program for my own family.

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